The Chill

“Wow! This is one terrific horror/suspense/disaster novel. Characters you root for and a story that grips you from the first page.” -Stephen King

Hello everyone!!

Welcome back to my quirky corner of the web! Oh my goodness, how is everyone doing? Hopefully healthy and not going crazy from quarantine. Things have been a touch crazy for me because in all this madness I started a new management position. So I have had a lot of learning and training going on in my life. However, I did not let that stop me from reading for some personal benefit. I actually have a few book reviews that will be coming your way very soon. I just had to let things calm down a bit before I sat down to work on new posts. I am excited to bring you guys some book content as well as some new makeup content. So be on the look out for loads of new stuff!

Before getting into my thoughts on today’s book choice please take the time to subscribe to my page if you enjoy my content, and also like this post. It truly helps me out a lot and I dearly appreciate it! With that being said let’s talk books!

Today’s book focus is Scott Carson’s newest release The Chill. This book was released back in February, and yes I do realize it is nearly May. I am slightly behind on my TBR, and by slightly I mean completely so far behind I will never catch up. But hey! Better late than never right? So The Chill originally caught my attention because months before it’s release Stephen King tweeted that everyone needed to check it out. As many of you probably already know I am a HUGE Stephen King fan, and therefore grab any book that he recommends. The plot line also sounded like something I would find interesting. The basis of the book is years ago a town, Galesburg, was evacuated then flooded to supply water for New York. Years later the grudge of the people who refused to leave still stands, and their ghosts may or may not be planning revenge. The fact that it is a story that focuses heavily on a ghost town sunk beneath the water, and the ghosts of those towns people working against the living caught my attention for sure. It was also promised in nearly every blurb to give you chills and have you looking over your shoulder with every page turn. Definitely my vibe.

Despite this book being recommended by the king of horror himself, and sounding like my kind of vibe I have to admit it was not my favorite. The book starts off really strong. The end of the first chapter really shocks you. I won’t say what happens because I hate to spoil it, but it gives you hope for where the story is going. However, after the first chapter it gets real boring. It took me so long to read this book because I would read a chapter or two at most and I was done with it. It didn’t grip my interest like I thought it would. In total this book has 80 chapters I believe, and it doesn’t get interesting until around chapter 22.

That being said I did love the story line. The story of the town, the legends that surround it, and how things play out was a great story. However, you could condense this story down to a short novella and it would tell you more than enough. I honestly felt like there was a heavy focus on unnecessary character development. I get it is important to get to know your characters, and in this case their family history played into the story. Yet, a lot of what was written wasn’t necessary in my opinion. It was drug out entirely too much to keep me interested. If you are someone that enjoys history I think it would grip you better than it did me because there is a lot of history incorporated into the story. History is not my thing, but I know a lot of people enjoy it.

The thing that was really missing for me was the chills. At no point did I shudder at the words I read. At no point was I afraid to be alone in the dark from reading the story. I didn’t think it was possible, but Carson made ghosts not scary at all. He wrote the ghosts into the story in the most normal way. It didn’t feel like the characters were talking to ghosts. Every character approached the idea that they were seeing and talking to ghosts like it was no big deal. The characters weren’t scared of the ghosts so why would the reader be? That ruined it for me. I wanted to feel chills, and be scared of the appearance of ghosts. That simply didn’t happen. It felt like a story full of normal people not a ghost story.

Overall I would give this book a 3, and that’s being a little generous. I liked the idea of the story. I enjoyed the legends of the town of Galesburg. However, out of 80 chapters I enjoyed maybe 10 of them. I’m not mad that I read it. I appreciate the story. However, I would not call this a thriller or paranormal story. I would most likely call this a historical fiction book. Again, if you enjoy history I think you would absolutely love this book. If you are looking for a story that has you at the edge of your seat and terrified of ghosts then this isn’t for you.

As always I do say everyone should read a book and formulate their own opinion. My favorite books are some of the most hated and vice versa. I simply like to give my thoughts on books so you have an idea of what to expect. If you find yourself loving similar books as me then it gives you a ball park idea of how you may react to it.

So that is all for this review. I honestly didn’t have much to say on it. I hoped you enjoyed it though, and as always if you have read this book please share your thoughts in the comments!! I want to know your thoughts as well. Did you love it or hate it and tell me why! Stay Healthy everyone!

~Kayle Jo

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