Bookstagram Box

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to my quirky corner of the web! So how has everyone been living quarantine life? Things have got so crazy here for me. I have been working a ton which I can’t complain about at all. I am beyond thankful to have a job, but lately it is all I have had time to do. Working, resting, and reading is all I have been doing. I did take the time to edit a load of photos so hopefully I will be cranking out more blogs now that I have some stuff pre-edited and ready to go.

Today I am super excited to talk about a subscription box that I received. Before I get too far into it I will just disclose that this was a limited edition box that I had pre-ordered months ago. So obviously you can’t go purchase this particular box, but I still wanted to talk about it because it was just such great quality. This company does limited edition boxes as well as a regular monthly subscription so you can definitely still get some good stuff from this company! So let’s just get into it shall we?

The box I am talking about is the Bookstagram themed box from Beacon Book Box company. The idea behind this box was to provide tools to help you become a successful bookstagramer! As soon as I heard Chelsea Palmer mention this box on her Youtube I ordered it. I was excited to see a book box completely surrounding props and things to help with creating book photos. It sincerely spoke to me. Now I will admit that I wasn’t entirely thinking before I impulse purchased this box. Beacon Book Box company does focus on young adult books, and therefore this box does follow along with that genre. As in some of the props are best suited for young adult novels. So I won’t get use out of all the items in the box, but that is okay because the majority of them I can use. If you like young adult novels then you would probably love Beacon’s monthly subscription box as well as some of their limited edition specific book boxes. Trust me if that is your thing you will get a great quality box!

The first item in the box is actually the background for all the photos in this post. They literally included a rather large square piece of fabric to use for backgrounds in photos. Not only is it a really good size, but it is extremely good quality. Mine came in a wood pattern, but the back is also white so technically it can double as two backgrounds. The material is a thick cotton, and I definitely see myself getting lots of use out of it.

Next up is this absolutely gorgeous crown! Let me tell you this is no hunk of plastic kids crown. It is seriously heavy. When I first seen it I expected it to be made of plastic or thin wire, but then I picked it up to find it is made of legit metal. It has a good weight to it, and the jewels in it are beautiful as well. It honestly is just a very well made crown. I was impressed to say the least.

This is one of the items that is geared towards that young adult genre. It is typical in young adult books to have kings and queens or fairy queens etc. So if you are into young adult books this would be a prop that would make sense with a number of books because obviously you usually try to include props that seemingly could have come out of the story. I personally don’t read much young adult books so I don’t think I will get use of this particular prop, but nevertheless it is beautiful and high quality.

The next item was a disappointment for me on more than one level. The item is a dagger prop. This is another prop that I won’t get much use out of because it doesn’t fit into my genre of books very well. However, that is not my main problem with this item. My issue is this is the lowest quality item I received in the box. It is really bad quality. I didn’t expect to see a real dagger, but this is like dollar store plastic kids toy quality. Not something I expect to see in a subscription box.

I have received a dagger in a subscription box before, and I think that is why I dislike this one so much. In a Harry Potter box that I received we got the Bellatrix dagger which was beautifully done. It too was a fake dagger, but it looked like a quality replica. This one really just looks like a little kids toy. In my personal opinion from the front it doesn’t look good, but the back is even worse. I honestly would have rather them left this item out because I don’t think it adds much value to the box. I also would personally not include this item in any of my Instagram photos. This was the item I liked the least out of the entire box.

The next two items in the box are two of the coolest! They included two books for us that really help if you want to be a good bookstagramer. The first, which I think is the coolest, is a book filled with advice from top bookstagramers! They literally got advice from people who are the biggest book instagramers. This is something that is priceless. You honestly can’t put a value on this item because it is just great to have advice from people who are already successful. Knowing what tips and tricks they use can be a total game changer. So I was super excited to see this, and it is a book I will certainly reference back to a lot.

The second one is a weekly planner specifically for building your bookstagram. It has spots in it for you to fill in what books you are currently reading, a to do list, a place for notes, and a day to day post schedule. The first page of the book is an example page showing you how to fill it in, and then you get a bunch of blank pages to start planning. I love the idea of having a planner just for book planning. If you are trying to build a bookstagram it is important to post often, and this book will help you plan your posts ahead of time while keeping you on track with it. I have already started filling this in, and I will definitely get a lot of use from it.

Then we got fairy lights! I think I would have been disappointed if fairy lights were not included. They are just such a classic for taking photos. I will get a lot of use out of these because you can use them in almost any photo. Need a cute selfie? Fairy lights. Need to add to a book photo? Fairy lights. Need to add soft light to makeup photos? Fairy lights. They are honestly the perfect added touch to photos. I love to use them for flat lays. These ones are on very bendable wire so they are easy to shape around product. They are just a staple if you do any flat lay photography.

The next four items are very useful for flat lays as well. They gave us multi-color rose petals, mini pine cones, mini acorns, and various sizes of skeleton keys. I love props like these because for one you can almost always add nature items to a photo to give it something extra, and they just add fun texture to a photo. I really love adding things like this at the very end just before I snap the photo. They are simple items that you can essentially just toss into a photo, but they really do add a contrast and texture to the product you are featuring. These are good quality just like you would find in a craft store. They made an excellent addition to the box.

Another one of my most favorite items in the box was this pocket watch. I have a little thing for pocket watches. Like I legit collect them. It all started when I was given a collector edition one from Pepsi that was my grandfathers, and I have been collecting them ever since. So of course I was excited to see us get one in the box. If you keep up with my blog and Instagram you would have already seen this pocket watch because I used it in a photo in a recent post I am again shocked by how good quality this item is, and the best part is it is a working watch. It’s not just a prop for looks. It can actually be used if you wanted to. I will stick to using it for a prop, but I like that it works. It has a beautiful design carved out on the top of it, and its just the right color to blend in well with photos. I think I will get a lot of use out of this pocket watch.

Do you see that mask? That’s right! They included a wearable mask! I am so excited about this item. I admit I have no idea what book I would pair this with for a photo. It is likely another prop that fits into the young adult genre, but regardless I am psyched for it. I think there was a variation in what mask you would receive, but I love the one I got. It is a brushed gun metal color, and I love it. Again, I have no idea what I would ever use this for as far as Instagram photos. However, you better believe I have this hanging as a new addition to my gallery wall, and it looks so good. I will likely always keep this as wall decor rather than a photo prop, but I am not mad that this was included in the box. I really like this item even if I can’t use it in photos. Plus if I ever need a last minute Halloween outfit this would certainly come in handy.

Last but not least is a message board! I have wanted a message board for a long time. I have thought about buying one multiple times, but then change my mind. I just was always worried I wouldn’t use it enough to justify spending money on it. Beacon solved that for me! The board itself it a really nice quality board. It is sturdy built with nice felt on the inside. The letters are not my favorite. I wish it had come with letters that were already unattached rather than the plastic letters that you have to break off to use. My issue with the letters they provided is it is hard to get the letters broke free, and once you do they kinda have little extensions on them from where they were attached. I think they would look nicer if they were not attached together. So the letters could be better quality, but overall it is a nice message board. I will use it, but I will likely try to buy different letters for it. Nevertheless, I am excited to finally have a message board, and I am glad that they included it into the box.

Honestly this was a great subscription box! Overall the quality was there, and even though they didn’t give prices for the items I almost guarantee that the value is there. Beacon Book Box company does really good boxes. I don’t think I would repurchase from them since they focus on young adult books, but if you like young adult books I recommend checking them out. I don’t think you would be disappointed.

Overall I really enjoyed opening this box, and I hope you enjoyed sharing the experience with me! If you guys have any subscription box recommendations for me please leave them in the comments. I would love to check out a new box. Thank you guys so so much for hanging out here with me I’ll be seeing you again soon.

Enjoy the rest of your day readers.

~Kayle Jo

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