These Products Changed My Skin!

Hello my dear readers!

Welcome back to my quirky corner of the web. How are you guys doing? Is life treating you well? Quarantine life has finally got me to the point of doing my own hair. Unfortunately, Ulta Beauty is still not open which means my lovely hair stylist can’t come back to work, but my hair could no longer wait. So Arianna please don’t kill me, I promise I didn’t make it look totally ratchet. I am actually a bit shook that it turned out so well for an at home bleach moment. Don’t ever recommend you do it, but desperate times call for desperate measures I guess. At least that is what I am going to continue to tell myself.

Today we are actually going back to my roots a bit. For those that don’t know, I got my start at blogging talking all about makeup and skincare. I have obviously since added in book content, but today we are kicking it old school. Let’s talk about some seriously good skin care shall we? I’m talking about AFFORDABLE skin care that actually made my skin a thousand times better than it was before. I have really been struggling with my skin to the point that I couldn’t even make my foundation look good. That is until I found these new products. Trust me, if you have oily skin or pore issues then keep reading this post!

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% by The Ordinary

The first one I want to talk about is the niacinamide serum from The Ordinary because this one I feel has certainly made the most difference. You can apply this both at night and in the morning, but I only use this one at night time. Honestly, I wish I had taken before and after photos because this product dramatically changed my skin. I didn’t take photos because I went into using this skeptical of it actually doing much. Man was I so so wrong. If you have oily skin or large pores you need this serum in your skin care routine. The first major difference I noticed was that is really did dramatically reduce the look of my pores. Not only do my pores look so much smaller when I’m not wearing makeup, but they are damn near invisible when I apply my foundation now. I have always struggled with large pores, it runs in the family. However, now my pores are the smallest they have ever been, and I know it is this serum doing it. The other major thing it has done for my skin is control my oils. Since I began using this every night my makeup lasts so much better throughout the next day because I don’t get oily anymore. I used to be oily to the point of needing to re-powder by midday, and now my makeup easily lasts all day long with minimal oil coming through. I am so glad that I decided to give this brand and this serum a chance because I’m not over exaggerating, it really fixed my skin. I highly recommend this to you guys, and to top it off it’s super affordable!

Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 by The Ordinary

My next new favorite serum is the hyaluronic acid serum also from The Ordinary. This product is also incredibly affordable. So if you need skin care on a budget this is your new go to brand. I don’t know how it is so good, and still so cheap. This one also says you can apply it night and morning, but I prefer to use this one in the morning before doing my makeup. Now, I know what you are thinking. You’re saying Kayle I thought you said you had oily skin, why would you put a hydrating serum on under makeup? Listen to me, trust me, and it will change your makeup game. Hydration is not a bad thing. Not even for oily skin. It is actually very important for oily skinned people to hydrate their skin in order to prevent their skin from over producing oil. If you don’t hydrate your oily skin then your skin feels the need to produce more oil rather than less. Therefore, always hydrate your skin regardless of skin type! This serum really seems to help me in two ways. The first is it obviously does its job of hydrating my skin in the morning which signals my oily skin to slow down oil production for the day. The second thing it does is as I apply it to my face it begins to get a little tacky, and what does a tacky base do? That’s right, it gives your foundation something to grip to which makes it last longer! Not only has this serum helped to improve my skin, but it has also really helped to improve the look and longevity of my makeup. Definitely check this one out!

Daily Care Treatment from Blistex

Last but not least I had to throw in the worlds best lip balm I have ever found. I actually had a customer recommend this to me, and I immediately picked one up at my local CVS. It was also a very affordable item, I believe it was around $4 USD. My lips were on a struggle bus. I mean they were terrible. As most of us are now dealing with wearing a mask I’m sure some of you understand what I mean. My job requires us to wear a mask, and I have been working a lot of extra hours. Needless to say wearing that mask all day really caused my lips to chap. They were cracked, peeling, and just painful. DCT saved them, and now I swear by it. I put this on first thing in the morning, and it lasts on my lips all day. I typically reapply after I have eaten my lunch, but if I didn’t eat a lunch I wouldn’t need to reapply. It honestly stays on my lips, and keeps them hydrated all day. I also like to apply this just before I go to bed so it can continue to hydrate them throughout the night. If you have issues with dry or chapped lips then you need this product in your life. I am not even kidding. It is amazing! I am so thankful this product was recommended to me!

So those are the three new items that have totally changed my skin. I have been using the serums for about two months now, and the lip treatment about a month. They have definitely given me visible results, and I do highly recommend them to you. Obviously everyone’s skin will react differently to skin care so I can’t guarantee you will love these, but they work well enough for me that I really wanted to share them with you guys. I would never recommend them if they didn’t truly work for me.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little visit to my older style content, and if you want to see it incorporated more often then please let me know in the comments! Also let me know what skin care products you have been loving! Until next time, have a great day readers.

Kayle Jo

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