The Other Mrs.

“She can’t escape the other Mrs.”

Well hello there! Welcome to my quirky corner of the web. How are you guys doing? I am so so so excited for today’s post. If you are familiar with my page then you know I am all about psychological thrillers with twists and turns so deep your mind never stops guessing. That being said after a while it begins to be a challenge for authors to truly shock me with their ending. Once you get through so many thrillers you begin to spot clues to how the story will end. However, no shock at all, Mary Kubica has completely blown my mind, and I cannot wait to tell you all about it!

Firstly, if you haven’t read anything from Mary Kubica what are you waiting for? Seriously, she is the queen of thrillers, and her endings are always mind blowing. The Other Mrs. is no exception. She honestly blew my mind more than once with this one. Now I will admit I started this story off thinking it was going to be a dud. I should have known better. Obviously, it initially intrigued me because it made my most anticipated 2020 releases list. Then I actually got my hands on the book, and that’s when I was thinking it may end up being a let down. The main reason for that thought process was because I fully believed that I already knew the ending of the story by the time I was half way through. Man oh man I could not have been more wrong.

So that being said the first half of the book is a little slow for me. It really picked up at the halfway point, and the momentum never stops. So if you have picked up this book believe me you need to read to the end. I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who has not read it. The basis of this story is we are following a woman who has recently moved to an island in Maine that is cut off from the inland other than by ferry. All is well until a murder is committed just two doors down, and the suspicion falls on the new people in town. I love the idea of murder happening somewhere that is essentially isolated. It just makes for such an intense story. That alone attracted me to this book.

One thing I do really love is that there are multiple stories being told throughout the book, and it is beautifully done. To start off you are hearing from three separate people in the story; Sadie, Camille, and Mouse. Those three people play significant roles in the story, and in the very end you also get to hear from Will another main character in the story. The thing that stood out to me is that while the over all murder mystery is playing out you also get to learn of Imogene’s story which is rather sorrow filled, and honestly quite interesting on its own. Imogene is the reason for the family moving to Maine because she is only sixteen, and her mother has committed suicide. So as you can imagine this girl is fighting some demons. Kubica told the over all story while also telling Imogene’s story in the perfect way. They compliment each other rather than distracting or taking away from the other.

Up until the halfway point I thought I knew where the story was headed. I had already decided who I liked, who I didn’t, and who had committed the murder. I was wrong about everything. One thing I can say is nothing is as it seems in this book. I was so blind sided by what really happened and how it happened. It was brilliantly written, and while I won’t spoil what the issue is I will say Kubica sheds light on a very important subject. It is something more people need to talk about and she did it in the best way. When she threw the first curve ball I was like Oh Wow! Then she threw the next one and I thought there can’t be anymore, but then she threw another one at me. The ending of this book is just mind blowing. That is honestly the only way to describe it because believe me it will leave you speechless! There are small stories that you think have little significance, but the ending ties into them. You will think you can’t possibly be shocked any further, and that’s when you will get hit with the next twist.

This book is hands down one of the best thrillers I have read. Mary Kubica knows how to write one hell of a plot twist. Five out of Five stars on this one because it is brilliant. If you don’t already have it then go out and buy it. As you read it keep in mind that nothing is as it seems, and I promise you that you will love it. I can’t praise it enough. If you have read it please tell me your thoughts! Lets talk about it in the comments!

Thank you guys so much for checking out my latest review! I truly appreciate everyone who reads my blog. If you enjoyed it please help me out by giving it a like, and let’s have a chat about it.

~Kayle Jo

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