Taking Lipstick from Sticky to Smooth

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to my quirky corner, or if it's your first time here welcome to the family! Life has been a tad bit crazy as of lately, and therefore my blogging schedule definitely got off track. The next few weeks possibly could be even worse, but I am prepared this time! I have [...]

DIY Body Scrub

Good Evening Beauties! Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well this evening. I wanted to bring you another DIY tonight that I am loving! DIY's are so much fun, and they are usually way cheaper than stuff you buy in a store. Tonight's DIY is a customized and affordable body scrub. This scrub [...]

DIY Face Mask.

Good Evening Beauties! We all know the struggle with annoying blackheads popping up on our face. For years I have dealt with lots of blackheads in my T-zone. I have some acne issues, but the main problem is blackheads. So, naturally, I am always on the hunt for something new to eliminate them. When I [...]